Wrap-Ups 10 Days to Subtraction Mastery Kit

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Using the Learning Wrap-Ups, students will fill in answers to problems that are displayed in a number of formats completing the problems, games, and circle or match the correct answer.

Review pages are found throughout the books, and a final review wraps up the content of the book.

Although these are written for the Learning Wrap-Ups manipulatives and instruction is provided for their use in each lesson, the books could also be used for written practice or review without them.

They can be used as supplements to a text or as a mini-curriculum.

Student Workbooks for each set of facts are also available separately.

These inexpensive, consumable student workbooks include 5-7 worksheet pages per day.

Worksheets provide a variety of activities for the student to practice their facts including: drills, multiplication “tricks,” story problems, and time goals to meet for completing the Wrap-Ups. 62 pages, non-reproducible.

A wonderful alternative to written drills for the kinesthetic child, but exciting for all children.

Use these anywhere – no pencil or paper required!

Buy 2 sets and have a “wrap-off”!

How about a “relay-wrap” at your next support group meeting? As a plus, the left-to-right wrapping motion may reinforce the tracking skills vital to reading! Each set contains 10 boards (120 problems), colorful wrapping strings, and instructions.

Wrap-Ups can be bought individually, or in an introductory 5-pack kit.

10 Days to Math Fact Mastery Teaching Guides are a great complement to the Learning Wrap-Ups.

These reproducible books offer 32 pages of written practice and additional instruction for the fact families.

There are 10 sections in each book, which provide step-by-step instructions for a 10-day learning program.

A day-by-day list of materials is included at the front of the book with a short guide for the teacher.

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