Great Science Adventures: The World of Insects and Arachnids

Great Science Adventures: The World of Insects and Arachnids

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Published by Common Sense Press, Great Science Adventures is the result of the creativity of Dinah Zike and Susan Simpson. This series makes learning relevant and exciting! Check out all 10 titles which include Life, Earth, and Physical Science! In each of the 24 lessons, students make a Lots of Science Library Book using the masters provided inside. Information, pictures and diagrams make the study of each topic meaningful. For lab activities, the exclusive Investigative Loop process helps students get the most from their experience. Complete and clear directions are provided, along with materials lists, questions to ask, and data for students to record. 3D Graphic Organizers make complicated material simple. Students see and touch each part, increasing understanding and retention. Teacher Pages include vocabulary words, concept maps, assessments, assignments for all grade levels, and enrichment activities. From Common Sense Press. Grades K-8
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