The Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War

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“The Revolutionary War” provides a detailed overview of the American battle for independence and the forging of a nation. From the earliest skirmishes at Lexington and Concord to the decisive victory at Yorktown, to the writing of the Constitution and the struggles of early national America, this book tracks both the logistical and intellectual dimensions of the "revolution," which, as John Adams said, took place "in the hearts and minds of Americans . . . before a single drop of blood was shed." As much as it vividly documents the particulars of battle, it is the dizzying aftermath of the war and the complexities of fulfilling the "idea" of America that form the impressive substance of this book. Also discussed are the social, cultural, and artistic advances of the post-Revolutionary period, including women's suffrage and the beginning of public education, with special emphasis given to the "American Renaissance" and the rising of distinctly American literature. Grades 7-12. 112 pages.
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