Teaching Character Teacher Guide

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This teacher's guide will provide you a road map in choosing the best tales, myths, and fiction for your homeschooling children, all with an eye towards character development. We know that reading aloud is important for nurturing academic skills, but even more essential, the stories we choose to tell our children will help shape their moral imaginations. Lists of wonderful books and homeschooling curriculum for multiple levels are paired with discussion prompts designed to draw character lessons out of the stories. Each title has been picked for its literary value as well as the character traits exhibited by the heroes and heroines.

Additionally, lesson plans make it easy to incorporate these homeschooling books into your family reading time, while spurring discussions that will jump off the pages and impact real life. Bible verses are provided along with memorization cards to make it easy to incorporate these essential truths into your child's daily habits. Use this guide as a reference for trips to the library, to help add depth to family read-aloud time, as a character development curriculum, and more. This homeschooling teacher guide is not designed to be used in any standard amount of time, feel free to use at your own pace.

Note, the Teaching Character Teacher Guide is used in both the K-3rd and 4-6th grade packs.

Author: Rebecca Manor

Recommended For: K-3rd + 4-6th Grade

ISBN: 9781893103689

Pages: 62

Media: Paperback

-Primary level includes 13 lessons
-Intermediate level includes 50 lessons

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