Starline Press Social Studies 510

Starline Press Social Studies 510

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Book 510 of Social Studies 5. Answer Score Keys sold separately.In the fifth grade students study the people of the Americas, including Cliff Dwellers, Nomads, American Indians and Woodland People. Students study reasons for exploration and explorers, such as Christopher Columbus and Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. They study early land and sea explorers to the Americas, as well as early settlements in North America. In the fifth grade, students do reports, create dioramas, or bring artifacts to enrich understanding. Students learn about the many Colonies that made up early America. They study the French and Indian War, and the Declaration of Independence. In the fifth grade, students learn about early government, study the Bill of Rights, and learn of the Westward Expansion. They learn about the California Gold Rush and the Oregon Trail. Students work in groups, and alone, preparing charts and graphs, and developing critical thinking skills.
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