Starline Press Algebra 1 803

Starline Press Algebra 1 803

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Book 803 of Algebra 1. Answer Score Keys sold separately.

Eighth grade students continue the study of algebraic concepts. They study the properties and operations of real numbers, adding positive and negative numbers, and adding decimals and percents. Students study mathematical operations of fractions, linear equations, exponents, absolute value, and scientific notation. They solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations as well as solving two step equations and equations involving parenthesis. Students learn to solve equations and rate problems with variables on both sides. They learn to solve inequalities, compound inequalities and inequalities with absolute value. Eighth grade students study the Cartesian coordinate system, verifying solutions, slope, graphing lines, and writing equations of lines in slope intercept form and transforming to standard form. Students study exponents, square roots, polynomials, and quadratic equations. They learn simplifying rational expressions and solving rational equations as well as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing radicals. Note: this course can be used to meet the requirements for High School Algebra.

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