Starline Press English 706

Starline Press English 706

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Book 706 of English 7. Answer Score Keys sold separately.Seventh grade students study sentence structure, diagramming subjects and predicates, helping verbs and verb phrases, and irregular verbs. They read a chosen novel, write a daily journal as they read the novel, and complete a final review of the novel. They complete this process several times throughout the year with different types of literary works such as novels, short stories and poetry. They study nouns as subjects, direct objects, and predicate nominatives. Seventh grade students study proper, possessive, and predicate adjectives, and prepositions, interjections, and conjunctions and how to use them properly in sentence structure. Students learn to use colons, semicolons, apostrophes, quotation marks, parentheses, dashes, and hyphens effectively in sentences. Seventh grade students continue to strengthen their skills in the areas of spelling, vocabulary and grammar. usage.
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