Starline Press English 1010

Starline Press English 1010

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Book 1010 of English 10. Answer Score Keys sold separately.Tenth grade students study Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English, and Late Modern English. They learn suffixes, prefixes, roots, changing connotations, and problems in diction. Students learn paragraph order, develop paragraphs, and create unity in paragraphs. Students demonstrate speeches including manuscript, memorized, impromptu, and extemporaneous. Students learn to write an introduction, complete the structure of an argument, and apply amplification and conclusion to their speeches. They learn to give interviews, listen actively, and note taking techniques. Tenth grade students learn the history of radio, television, motion pictures, and newspapers. They complete book reports throughout the year based on novels read in many different genres including science fiction, mystery, humor, adventure, tragedy, and drama.
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