Spellwell CC Grade 4

Spellwell CC Grade 4

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This flexible spelling series from the author of Explode The Code teaches grade-level words that follow a particular pattern as well as words that are chosen by the individual student. It makes an organized, effective spelling program in just thirty minutes of class time per week a reality. Each book is suitable for half a school year: Spellwell A and Aa for Grade 2; Spellwell B and Bb for Grade 3; Spellwell C and Cc for Grade 4; Spellwell D and Dd for Grade 5. The skills taught throughout the program are cumulative, so both the first and second books are needed to complete the program. Original and unique artwork contributes to Spellwell’s appeal. Students who spell easily move directly from the pretest to more difficult words, vocabulary enhancement, and extra written expression. Students who are less facile can work with the part of the list based on a single rule or generalization. Meanwhile, the majority of students benefit from learning and reviewing rules at frequent intervals and improve their ability to spell content-area words through direct experience with and observation of the language. From Educator's Publishing Service
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