Singapore Math Practice Level 4A

Singapore Math Practice Level 4A

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Singapore Math Practice Level 4A. Singapore-Math Practice is a supplemental workbook series directly correlated to Singapore Math textbooks. This comprehensive series allows learners to practice various types of math problems while developing their thinking and analytical skills. Learning objectives are provided to identify what learners should know after completing each unit and assessments are included to assure learners obtain a thorough understanding of the mathematical concepts. Perfect as a supplement to classroom work or as a home-school resource, these workbooks will boost confidence in learner's problem-solving and critical thinking skills! Features: *Direct compliment to the current Singapore Math textbooks *Introduction explaining the Singapore Math method *Progressive exercises to master skills required to solve mathematical problems *Step-by-step, worked-out solutions in the answer key of each book *First supplemental Singapore Math workbooks available in the U.S. Workbook. 120-140 pages. Grade 4.

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