Ridgewood Grammar Book 3, Grade 5

Ridgewood Grammar Book 3, Grade 5

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In this grammar series, students in third, fourth, and fifth grade receive detailed instruction about the parts of speech and their function in sentences. The connection between grammar and clear, engaging writing is emphasized. In Book 3, students review the parts of speech they learned in Books 1 and 2 and move on to more advanced material. The new material helps students add life to their writing and encourages them to use more sophisticated forms. Through examples and exercises, students learn why grammar is important and how using it correctly will help them in reading, speaking, and writing. The numerous practice exercises ensure students’ mastery of the concepts. Review sections revisit several units so that students can practice using different grammar elements together. A detailed Final Review chapter reinforces every concept in the individual chapters. The Final Review material can also be used for testing, as additional work for students who need extra help or as a challenge for more able students. Book 3 is for Grade 5.

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