On Core Mathematics Geometry Bundle

On Core Mathematics Geometry Bundle

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On Core Mathematics Geometry Bundle. Common Core Standards are the new standards that are being adopted by all states and address standards for both content and practice. This math series is written to supplement your math curriculum to ensure that your student meets the standards for math. The Common Core Standards for practice cover 8 different areas – make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, reason abstractly and quantitatively, construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, model with mathematics, use appropriate tools strategically, attend to precision, look for and make use of structure, and look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. The content standards for K-6 are counting & cardinality, operations & algebraic thinking, number & operations in base 10, measurement & data, geometry, number & operations in fractions, ratios & proportional relationships, number systems, expressions & equations, and statistics & probability.

Each grade-level bundle includes a Student Workbook and a Teacher's Edition. The Student Workbook is black and white and each lesson is two pages in length. Each lesson begins with an explanation and model of the concept and is followed by practice for that concept.
Students learn to be reflective thinkers through follow-up questions. The Reflect questions challenge students to really think about the mathematics they have just encountered and to share their understanding. Special features near the end of the units focus on problem-solving and help students apply the concepts and skills they have learned to real-world situations.
Included Teacher's Edition contains lesson background for all Common Core topics, and offers teacher support for all lessons, background for each lesson, questioning strategies, and suggestions for differentiation. Common Core Standards for each lesson are noted, small format student pages are included with answers along with objectives, essential questions, vocabulary, materials list, and prerequisites to that particular lesson or topic. Softbound. From HM Harcourt.
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