Nancy B's Science Club® Mighty Microbes Lab & Germ Journal

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Is there science behind the “five second rule”? What kind of bacteria live on your toothbrush? Grow and observe bacteria and learn about different types of germs!

Shhh...They’re Learning!
•Stimulates an interest in biology and microbiology
•Explores the concepts of bacteria and fungi, control and variable, and how microbes affect our everyday lives
•Provides hands-on experience with scientific tools
•Journaling activities encourage creativity
•The Mighty Microbes Lab turns “eww” into “aha!” by encouraging study and understanding of (harmless) tiny colonies of bacteria and fungi
•Features 4 Petri dishes, 250 mL standing, round-bottomed flask with volume markings, and stopper with hole to fit on top of flask
•Also includes spreader for spreading bacteria, waterproof colony counter grid, loupe with 8x magnification, tweezers, funnel, pipette, gloves, and nutrient agar packet plus recipe to make more agar
•22-Page activity journal
Ages 8-12. From Educational Insights.
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