Muscles: Our Muscular System by Seymour Simon

Muscles: Our Muscular System by Seymour Simon

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In this colorful science book, award-winning author Seymour Simon introduces students to a complex and fascinating system of the human body: the muscles. After challenging readers to be aware of the muscles that are constantly at work in their own bodies, he discusses the different types of muscles skeletal, smooth, and cardiac and explains how they work together to keep the body functioning. Simon is a master at using straightforward text to make complicated subjects clear, yet he never talks down to his readers he uses correct anatomical terminology and defines his terms in language they will understand. Well-chosen examples let readers see for themselves the muscles that work to make an arm bend or a leg swivel, and the discussion of involuntary muscles will have them trying to make their stomach or heart muscles contract (don't worry they can't). Simon also explains how and why muscles get tired, and what athletes do to protect themselves from injuries.

Perhaps the best feature of this striking picture book, however, are the stunning computer-generated photographs. Together with well-executed, but more traditional diagrams, they give readers an unusual window inside the human body. An MRI scan, a CAT scan, colorized X-rays, and groundbreaking microphotography are some of the different perspectives used. This is a valuable companion to Simon's other books on the body (Bones, The Brain, The Heart, etc.), however Muscles can also stand alone as a clear introduction to an imposing subject.
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