More Reading Comprehension Level 4 + TE

More Reading Comprehension Level 4 + TE

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These books in this series specifically target students in junior high school or beyond who need more practice in reading comprehension skills. These revised, updated editions of Reading Comprehension Books 7–10 contain mostly new passages. Each book contains 25 selections and has the same format as other books in the Reading Comprehension series, with selections on social studies; science; literature and language; philosophy; logic and mathematics; the arts; and combined subjects.

Exercises develop students’ skills in finding the main idea, identifying facts, following sequences, drawing conclusions, and making assumptions. The books also contain a new writing component that gives students practice in writing a short paragraph as well as a longer piece that gives their interpretation or opinion of a question related to the selection.

Skills Addressed • Story recall
• Sequencing
• Drawing conclusions
• Vocabulary development
• Main idea
• Extending thoughts in writing
• Inference.
Level 4 is for Grades 10-11. Answer Key is included.
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