Microscope Prepared Slides Set of 12

Microscope Prepared Slides Set of 12

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12 slides with 4 specimens each in two boxes. Set of Slides include: Animals: Goldfish Scale, Hare Hair, Camel Hair and Geather Fowl Point Plants: Woody Stem of Pine, Camellia Leaf Section, Bamboo Shoot and Stem of Sponge Gourd Insects: Leg of Butterfly, Wing of Butterfly, Wing of Locust and Leg of Honey Bee Textile Fibers: Hemp Fiber, Silk Stuff, Cotton Fiber and Bemberg Set of Slides include: Animals: Cat Hair, Canary Feather, Dog Hair and Sheep Hair Plants: Stem of Corn, Leaf of Nerium, Onion Rind and Silver Berry Scaly Hair Insects: Dragonfly Wing, Worker Bee Wing, Bee Antenna and Bee Abdomen Textile Fibers: Panya, Nylon, Wool and Handmade Paper Tiny Creatures: Common Red Sponge, Angora Rabbit Hair, Ant and Mouse Fur Pollen & Spore: Tulip Pollen, Leaf Spore, Pine Tree Pollen and Orange Pollen. From Learning Resource.
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