MCP Spelling Workout F, Grade 6 Student Edition (2001/2002 Ed)

MCP Spelling Workout F, Grade 6 Student Edition (2001/2002 Ed)

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MCP Spelling Workout was designed to be a step-by-step curriculum for homeschooling. The program's format allows you to make adjustments and work at a pace that's comfortable for you and your child. As a homeschool parent, you likely want to have control over lesson planning and pacing, and MCP Spelling Workout: Grade 6 gives you that ability.

Furthermore, MCP Spelling Workout is an exciting program that will help your child enjoy his or her Spelling lessons. With numerous puzzles, riddles and writing assignments, your child will have plenty of hands-on activities to complete. He or she will also learn about the written English language by reading cross-curricular passages. MCP Spelling Workout ensures that your child picks up the skills to spell proficiently.
Grade 6.
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