MCP Spelling Workout B, Grade 2 Student Edition (2001/2002 Ed)

MCP Spelling Workout B, Grade 2 Student Edition (2001/2002 Ed)

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MCP Spelling Workout is a step-by-step homeschool program designed to keep your child engaged as he or she learns how to put together letters and sounds. With puzzles, riddles and activities, MCP Spelling Workout: Grade 2 will introduce important Spelling concepts while holding your child's interests. At the end of Grade 2, your child will be able to tackle more challenging words than those presented in Grade 1, such as words with two syllables.

Throughout the course of MCP Spelling Workout, your child will connect sounds with letters, and then learn to put those sounds together. Eventually, he or she will be able to recognize and create complex Spelling patterns. You can boost your child's Spelling education by pairing MCP Spelling Workout with MCP Plaid Phonics. Together, the two programs will give your child a complete and dynamic understanding of language.
Level B, Grade 2.
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