MCP Plaid Phonics Level C, Grade 3, Homeschool Bundle 2011 Edition

Teaching your child to read requires him or her to learn to connect sounds and symbols. Phonics, a method of teaching reading, uses those two entities to help your child become a fluent reader. Originally known as Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) "Plaid" Phonics and now published by Pearson, the “Plaid” Phonics K-6 program will help you teach your child the building blocks of language and literacy. “Plaid” Phonics has a 50-year history of success. In fact, it has helped more than 55 million children learn to read. You and your child can be a part of that legacy. “Plaid” Phonics Grade 3 is meant for children at the beginners' level of reading. Using “Plaid” Phonics, you can help your child learn the foundation of reading. Your child can focus on these key areas:
•Reading multisyllabic words
•Reading and understanding words with irregular spellings at an appropriate Grade level
•Comprehending a Grade-appropriate text while reading at a steady pace
•Correcting himself or herself when mispronouncing words. Retaining the same instruction and scope & sequence as the 2003 Edition, this 2011 Edition has an updated copyright, new cover, and some updated interior photographs. The materials included in “Plaid” Phonics: Grade 3 Homeschool bundle will help your child become a skilled lifelong reader. The bundle includes a student edition, teacher’s edition and parent guide.

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