Lingua Angelica II Student Book

Lingua Angelica II Student Book

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This student book is designed to be used after the first course, Lingua Angelica I, Includes Vocabulary drills, parsing, translations, and grammar charts are included. 84 pages.

Lingua Angelica is an excellent Christian Latin reading and translation course. The CD contains 4 Latin prayers and 24 Latin hymns, beautifully sung by a six-voice a capella choir.  The Student Book provides facing vocabulary, space for interlinear translation, and grammar word study exercises.  In addition to well-written instructions on how to use the course, the Teacher Manual (contains a complete copy of the Student Book with answers, making the teacher’s job easier.  We have also included a song book with the musical scores and short histories for each piece. Lingua Angelica II covers nine hymns not in Lingua Angelica I and additional verses of three hymns included in Lingua Angelica I.

The following hymns are covered in Lingua Angelica II.  An appendix with grammar forms is also included.

  • Salve, Mater Misericordiae
  • Salve, Regina
  • Veni, Veni, Emmanuel (verses 3-7)
  • Adoro Te Devote
  • Veni Creator Spiritus (verses 3-7)
  • Pange Lingua
  • Tantum Ergo
  • Dies Irae
  • Requiem Aeternam
  • In Paradisum
  • Stabat Mater Dolorosa (verses 11-20)
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