Lifepac General Science I

Lifepac Science 7th Grade Boxed Set by Alpha Omega. The LIFEPAC 7th Grade Science Set is a colorful, student-driven science course focused on the study of God's wonderful creation. In this engaging worktext-based program, your child will focus on the study of earth science and human anatomy, including lesson on science tools, Copernicus, the planets, solar effects, climate, and weather. Teacher's guide included.Where do hailstorms and lightning come from? How do the skeletal and muscle systems work together to support your body? Do you want to help your child find answers to questions like these? LIFEPAC Science homeschool curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications can provide him with the answers he's looking for! In the LIFEPAC General Science I Set, your homeschooling child will develop scientific observation skills as part of instruction in the four major science strands. The LIFEPAC General Science I Set presents science lessons in a format which is sure to captivate your child's interest! In ten engaging worktexts, your child will learn the scientific method, the metric system, ancient stargazing, tools of the astronomer, eclipses, layers of the atmosphere, fronts and storms, worldwide climate, cell structure, and body systems. Sound good?

Also included is an essential teacher's guide which consists of LIFEPAC management resources, detailed teaching notes, answer keys, alternate tests, and a list of required science equipment. Student worktexts in this Alpha Omega curriculum offer daily instruction, review questions, and integrated subject material.
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