Lifepac Language Arts Grade 8

The LIFEPAC 8th Grade Language Arts Set is a student-directed program which uses an integrated approach. We've included lessons in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, literature, speech, and more. This approach is designed to develop critical thinking and academic independence in your child as it increases proficiency in the use of language. A teacher's guide is included. From Alpha Omega.As your child gets older, the need for proficiency in written and spoken language grows. With the LIFEPAC 8th Grade Language Arts homeschool curriculum, you can be sure that your student is mastering these critical language skills. At Alpha Omega Publications we accomplish this by using a unique integrated approach designed to build critical connections between grammar, vocabulary, literature, writing, and speaking. The major benefit of this integrated approach is that it increases a student's capacity to apply language skills in everyday life. The LIFEPAC 8th Grade Language Arts Set consists of ten student-friendly worktexts designed to provide daily instruction and application as well as regular opportunities for evaluation. This Alpha Omega curriculum includes handwriting practice as well as instruction in etymology, punctuation, grammar, dictionary and thesaurus skills, written and oral language, and much more.

This is only the beginning! With a focus on independent learning, the LIFEPAC 8th Grade Language Arts Set encourages critical thinking and academic independence in your child. Also included is a must-have Alpha Omega curriculum teacher's guide designed to help you increase language proficiency in your child. Some of the useful features of this great teacher's guide include teaching notes, answer keys, alternate tests, and an abundance of enrichment activities. The addition of this material provides ample opportunity for individualization of the program according to your child's particular needs.
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