Geology: A Self-Teaching Guide

Geology: A Self-Teaching Guide

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Geology - A Self-Teaching Guide. this indispensable guide to the fundamentals of geology is the ideal way to introduce yourself to all the basics, from rocks, minerals, and fossil fuels to earthquakes, volcanoes, and plate tectonics. Using quick quizzes and self-tests to reinforce key concepts, Geology carefully walks you through years of Earth's history. Illustrated with more than one hundred specially commissioned illustrations and fifty photographs that help clarify difficult concepts, this easy-tto-follow book is an interactive resource for anyone interested in learning more about our planet. whether you are new to geology or want to refresh and update your knowledge, the proven self-teaching guide approach will allow you to work at your own pace, check your progress, and learn more about this fascinating field of study. Softcover. 325 pages.

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