Focus on World History: The Era of Early Civilizations and Empir

Focus on World History: The Era of Early Civilizations and Empir

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Focus on World History is a comprehensive program for students new to world history. The five volumes in the series trace the story of humankind from the dawn of early man in Africa right up to contemporary issues in the 21st century. Guided by the National Standards for History, each unit includes background material and student activities that build skills in decision-making, comprehension analysis, contrasting, sequencing, interpreting, research, mapping, and role playing.

The pages of Focus on World History are filled with photographs, maps, charts, drawings, primary source documents, worksheets, and engaging reading selections. Each volume includes an answer key, glossary, assessment, and suggestions for additional activities and resources.

Topics in this volume include:

Early human communities;
Emergence of agricultural societies;
Civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley, and Greece;
The great empires of Persia, China, India, and Rome;
The emergence of major religions. Grades 7-12. From Walch Education.
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