Earthquakes (Seymour Simon)

Earthquakes (Seymour Simon)

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This is an informative book on one of the earth's most devastating, yet fascinating, natural disasters. Learn about the origins of earthquakes and how scientists classify them, and see the extent of damage these destructive forces have caused worldwide over the years.

Earth's surface is formed by gigantic, slowly moving plates of solid rock. When these plates lurch past one another with sudden large bursts of energy, one of the most awesome forces of nature is unleashed -- a major earthquake. About 3,000 earthquakes are recorded every day on our planet. Most are too small to notice, but when a powerful one hits, it can be very destructive.

Acclaimed science writer Seymour Simon has teamed up with the Smithsonian Institution on a new, updated edition of his much admired book about the forces that shake and shape Earth. Grades 3-7.
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