Common Core English Language Arts Grade 3 (Solaro Study Guide)

Common Core English Language Arts Grade 3 (Solaro Study Guide)

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A comprehensive and age-appropriate study guide that helps students, educators, and parents alike navigate the new Common Core State Standards. With content developed by a team of teachers and curriculum specialists and reviewed by assessment experts with a minimum of five years of classroom teaching experience, SOLARO language arts study guides are wholly curriculum aligned and serve as an excellent source of material for review and practice. Each guide features sections such as Key Ideas and Details, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Text Types and Purposes, Comprehension and Collaboration, and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use, as well as instructional pieces that clearly explain each of the key concepts for the course. Practice questions and sample tests have detailed solutions that show problem-solving methods, highlight concepts that are likely to be tested, and point out potential sources of errors. The multiplatform SOLARO study solution also features additional learning tools in the accompanying online version, allows educators to manage all of their classes with an intuitive interface through mobile apps or any web browser, and offers parents a free and easy-to-use online account, thus ensuring that children, educators, and parents alike are engaged in helping students achieve success. This age-appropriate study guide offers curriculum-aligned lessons, activities, exercises, and quizzes for third grade students who are learning the new Common Core State Standards in school. 504 Pages. Softbound.
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