Common Core Accelerated Mathematics Grade 7 Integrated (Solaro Study Guide)

Common Core Accelerated Mathematics Grade 7 Integrated (Solaro Study Guide)

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A comprehensive study guide with age- and grade-appropriate content designed to familiarize students with new Common Core State Standards. With content developed by a team of teachers and curriculum specialists and reviewed by assessment experts with a minimum of five years of classroom teaching experience, SOLARO mathematics study guides are wholly curriculum aligned and serve as an excellent source of material for review and practice. Each guide breaks down the Common Core State Standards into teachable units, making it simple for educators and students to identify key learning concepts and how they align with the accompanying exercises and assessments. The practice questions and sample tests have detailed solutions that show problem-solving methods, highlight concepts that are likely to be tested, and point out potential sources of errors. The multiplatform SOLARO study solution also features additional learning tools in the complementary online version, and is designed to be used by students throughout the school year for reviewing and understanding course content, preparing for assessments, and, ultimately, achieving success. Developed and designed for seventh grade students, this study guide is aligned to Common Core’s prescribed curriculum for students who aim to have completed High School Mathematics I by the end of eighth grade. The guide includes sections such as Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers, Radical and Integer Exponents, Equivalent Relationships, Linear Relationships, Random Sampling, and Congruence and Similarity. 448 Pages. Softbound.
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