California Science Grade 3 (Solaro Study Guide)

California Science Grade 3 (Solaro Study Guide)

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The SOLARO Study Guide is designed to help students achieve success in school. It is a complete guide to be used by students throughout the school year for reviewing and understanding course content, and for preparing for assessments. The content in California Science Grade 3 is specifically aligned to California's prescribed curriculum for those who intend to have students complete elementary school science by the end of third grade. To create this book, teachers, curriculum specialists, and assessment experts have worked closely to develop the instructional pieces that explain each of the key concepts for the course. The practice questions and sample tests have detailed solutions that show problem-solving methods, highlight concepts that are likely to be tested, and point out potential sources of errors. Enhanced treatment of concepts, more practice sections, and additional learning tools are found in the accompanying digital version of SOLARO which may be accessed through the web or on mobile devices. 264 Pages. Softbound.
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