American Literature Homeschool Bundle

American Literature Homeschool Bundle

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American Literature by AGS Globe. Grades 5-8+

The AGS Literature Series anthologies contain poems, plays, short series, essays, parts of novels, folktales, legends, and myths. These anthologies are organized around selections from certain countries and themes.
The content includes unadapted classic and contemporary literature selections to ensure coverage of basic genres and provide fresh material.

Carefully developed step-by-step instructional approach clearly communicates essential facts.

Comprehensive review questions and activities engage your child and stimulate critical thinking.

Teacher's Resource Library provides activities, ideas, and materials to enhance and extend lessons

Engaging reading passages and activities keep your child interested.

Each bundle includes a Student Edition, Student Workbook, Teacher's Resource Library on CD-ROM, and a parent guide.

Student Edition Textbook:
Each Student Edition Textbook is divided into units that are presented in the following format:
*Before Beginning a Unit- describes ideas your child should consider prior to beginning this unit
*Before Reading a Selection- describes the background and objectives for the reading selection
*As You Read a Selection- a guide to assist your child in mastering the skills and concepts of the unit
*After Reading a Selection- review questions and activities to develop grammar, writing, speaking and additional skills.

The literature in each book is presented in chronological order, grouping similar themes. The end of each book has an appendix highlighted by a color margin for a review of key skills and concpets.

Student Workbook:
Each Student Workbook contains exercises that correspond with the unit literature selections in the Student Edition Textbook. These exercises are designed to develop and reinforce the skills your child is learning. At the end of each unit is a review section to assess your child's comprehension of the material.

Teacher's Resource Library:
The Teacher's Resource Library includes additional activities, tests, resources, and self-guided material as well as all answers for the student material.

American Literature encourages the connection between American Literature and events in American History.
Grades 5-8 and up.
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