Advanced Chemistry in Creation 2nd Edition Student Text (Apologia)

Advanced Chemistry in Creation 2nd Edition Student Text (Apologia)

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Advanced Chemistry in Creation, 2nd Edition Student Text. When taken after Exploring Creation with Chemistry, the two courses combine to cover everything that is normally covered in a first-year university chemistry course. Now, this award-winning course is even better! This rigorous course covers stoichiometry (with limiting reactants), thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, orbital hybridization, molecular orbitals, molecular geometry, chemical equilibrium, and nuclear chemistry. An introduction to organic chemistry is also included, focusing on the major functional groups, organic nomenclature, and polymer chemistry. 28 hours of lab exercises are provided and color illustrations help keep concepts clear, while study questions, laboratory exercises, module study guides, and extra practice problems ensure that concepts are properly understood, and may be practically applied. When a student has finished this course (designed to be taken after a college-prep course), he or she will be prepared to take an AP or CLEP exam. Prerequisites: Algebra II and a Chemistry college preparatory course such as Exploring Creation with Chemistry. Solutions Manual Sold Separately (Item #7649)
*PLEASE NOTE: Because of the differences between the first and second editions, students in a group setting cannot use both. They must all have the same edition. From Apologia
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