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  1. Heart & Mind

    Heart & Mind

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    Ruth Beechick’s book Heart & Mind offers fresh insight on what the Bible says about learning. Teaching and learning are more effective when people are viewed with heart – with the image of God within them. All other learning theories view man as simply a body. The body learns by seeing, hearing, and sensing in other ways, but it is the heart that acts upon these stimuli. This book contains the most complete research available about heart in the Bible. The Bible says the heart knows, considers, speaks, remembers, deceives, meditates, and other functions that modernists like to attribute to the brain. This book also reports physiological research that shows the Bible was right all along in the way it spoke about heart. A chart in the appendix summarizes almost 1000 Bible references to heart by meaning. By restoring our understanding of the role of heart, Dr. Beechick is reminding educators and parents – and especially homeschoolers – that we are not only “educating,” but truly training up the child in the way that he or she should go – in the image of God. 183 pages, Paperback

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  2. Our Attitude Toward Christian Home Education Audio CD

    Our Attitude Toward Christian Home Education Audio CD

    SKU: 2707


    The audio presentation entitled Our Attitude Toward Christian Home Education is designed to help parents persevere in their commitment to homeschooling. In too many instances, parents are tempted to abandon home education because they have never comprehensively examined their core beliefs and motives in the area of biblical training. This lecture, by Michael McHugh, will enable mothers and fathers to make their calling in the area of home education sure and steadfast. From Christian Liberty Press. Audio CD. Learn More
  3. Repairing the Ruins

    Repairing the Ruins

    SKU: 4747


    Classical and Christian education is moving into high gear. This collection of essays from teachers and administrators takes and discussion beyond the basics. It not only delves deeper into foundational issues, it focuses on practice, providing concrete instruction for dayschool and homeschool teachers, administrators, parents, and students. Softcover. 260 pages. Written by Douglas Wilson. Learn More
  4. Seasons of a Mother's Heart (Apologia)

    Seasons of a Mother's Heart (Apologia)

    SKU: 4119


    Your life is a whirlwind of changing seasons that can just as easily exhaust as exhilarate you. Sit down, take a few moments, and allow yourself to be refreshed and encouraged by stories, insights, and lessons from a friend. Sally Clarkson opens her heart within these pages, sharing what she has learned as a homeschooling wife and mother—about herself, her children, and her Lord. This revised and expanded classic includes four new “ten years later” essays by Sally, one for each season of a mother's life, from the renewal of spring and the response of summer to the resolve of fall and the reflection of winter. Each of the twelve main chapters includes a brief Bible study, engaging small group discussion questions, and practical ideas for living the Word. 244 pages. Softcover. ISBN: 978-1-932012-96-5. Learn More
  5. Switched On Schoolhouse College Planner

    Switched On Schoolhouse College Planner

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    Switched on Schoolhouse has been discontinued and our stock is limited. The USB Flash drive will work on current Windows 10 Home or Pro versions (S mode not supported). AOP Technical support will be available until June 2022. According to Alpha Omega, the USB Drive should continue to work on Windows 10 beyond June 2022, but no tech support will be available.

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    Jump start your child's future with Switched-On Schoolhouse College Planner for grades 9-12. This valuable, practical, computer-based course includes one semester of topics like selecting a college, completing applications, applying for financial aid, interviews, and more. Its the perfect five-unit course for your soon-to-be graduate! Includes quizzes and tests.

    Is your child ready for college? Don't be daunted by planning the future—just use Switched-On Schoolhouse College Planner for 9th-12th grade. This easy-to-use, five-unit Alpha Omega curriculum is packed with practical topics to help parents and students prepare for the next step of learning. This invaluable resource covers subjects such as selecting a college, applying for financial aid, conducting interviews, and studying for the ACT or SAT entrance exams. Non-college options are also included. Colorful and interactive, this one-semester SOS elective has computer-based, multimedia-enriched lessons to encourage student learning. Imagine your child studying important information for future use with exciting video clips, animation, and learning games! What could be better?

    But that's not all. Switched-On Schoolhouse from Alpha Omega Publications also has teacher-friendly tools homeschooling parents will love. How many times have you wished you were less busy because you spend all your time grading and lesson planning? Stop wishing—SOS has automatic grading and lesson planning. Just what you need, right? And a built-in calendar, a helpful message center, and customizable curriculum make this course the last one you'll ever want. This essential Christian-based course also includes advice like seeking God's will for the future and contains clear, step-by-step instructions. So what are you waiting for? Order Switched-On Schoolhouse College Planner for 9th-12th grade and get your soon-to-be graduate started on the right course!

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  6. The Life of George Washington

    The Life of George Washington

    SKU: 6243


    This biography gives a unique glimpse into the spiritual life and career of the first President of the United States. Little known and often over-looked aspects of Washington’s faith are featured throughout this well-documented book. 120 pages. From Christian Liberty Press. Learn More
  7. Training Children in Godliness

    Training Children in Godliness

    SKU: 4125


    This book provides parents and other adults with a discussion on training children in Christian values. Its primary purpose is to sharpen the skills and understanding of those individuals who have a burden to guide youngsters in the path of righteousness. The five chapters of this text are entitled: “How to Influence Children in Godliness,” “The Deceitfulness of the Heart,” “How to Instruct Children for Eternity,” “Teaching Children to Be Happy,” and “Teaching Children the Royal Law.” By Christian Liberty Press. Softcover, 138 pages. Learn More
  8. Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell (Apologia)

    Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell (Apologia)

    SKU: 1156


    Debra Bell's best-selling manual has been revised and updated for a new generation of home educators! This indispensable resource belongs on the shelf of every family taking part in home-based learning. Inside you will find: ■Six ingredients of a successful homeschool ■Subject-by-subject guidelines and program recommendations ■Keys to unlocking your child's learning potential ■Ten ways to motivate the reluctant learner ■Creative solutions for burnout, budgeting, and managing your time This new edition includes a guide to using the Internet and new technology in your home school. You will also get the latest information on teaching middle school and high school courses, including a list of academic contests and competitions. Tips on multilevel teaching and engaging toddlers and a resource guide with up-to-date contact information round out this amazing tool! From Apologia Press. Learn More
  9. Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens (Apologia)

    Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens (Apologia)

    SKU: 4165


    The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens, by Debra Bell. Homeschooling through high school is more practical than ever! Whether your teen plans to enter the workforce after high school, enroll in a trade school, or attend an Ivy League university, high school at home may be the best decision you can make now to ensure your child's future. The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens is designed to help you and your teen successfully transition to the college and adult years. Inside this incredible resource, you will find: ■Tools for developing important critical and creative thinking skills ■Study-smart strategies for maximizing learning potential ■How to help your teen discern his or her gifts and calling ■The best ways to earn college credit at home ■Tips for preparing your junior high student for high school Learn how to take advantage of new media and top-flight online learning opportunities. Find out what college admissions officers say they look for in a prospective student and how you can help your teen receive merit-based scholarships and maximum financial aid. From Apologia. ISBN: 978-1-932012-99-6 Paperback. Learn More
  10. Writing a Research Paper 2nd Edition

    Writing a Research Paper 2nd Edition

    SKU: 1331


    Writing a Research Paper presents information on how high school students ought to approach the research and writing process. This booklet is designed to guide them through this process—from selecting a topic all the way to publishing the final draft. Grades 9-12. 73 pages. Contains Christian Content. From Christian Liberty Press. Learn More

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