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  1. Life of Fred: Zillions of Practice Problems Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics

    Life of Fred: Zillions of Practice Problems Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics

    SKU: 1514


    Life of Fred: Zillions of Practice Problems Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics

    Need more practice with Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics? We've got you covered. Zillions of Practice Problems Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics has lots more to do with math, with economics, and with the continuing adventures of Lucy and her train station.

    This book is keyed directly to Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics. Each of the chapters contains both exercises on the current topic and review questions from the beginning of the book up to that point.

    All the problems have completely worked out solutions.

    Learn More
  2. Making Friends with Numbers by Edric Cane

    Making Friends with Numbers by Edric Cane

    SKU: 1999


    Making Friends with Numbers, Creative Practice Sheets for Multiplication Facts is a workbook of 108 creative practice sheets for multiplication facts. It is written both for third-graders just beginning to learn multiplication facts and for older students who, at any stage of their studies, need to review those facts. The exercises in this book facilitate memorization without being dry repetition. They promote number sense and teach mental strategies that help with multiplication facts. They prepare students for a rich and rewarding mathematical experience. This book complements the Life of Fred books nicely for those students who prefer workbooks. It is also suitable for other math programs. It is appropriate for both home-schooling and more traditional school settings. Softcover. Learn More
  3. Life of Fred: Logic

    Life of Fred: Logic

    SKU: 3644


    Do you think Logic is a dry, boring subject? It's not! Not when Fred teaches it. What other math book has a chapter titled "Stinky Logic?" This book doesn't have bothersome "problems" or strenuous "exercises." It has delightful "puzzles," instead. It has serious mathematical Logic, from the basics to advanced topics. As usual, Fred has adventures. Duck comes back. Fred is pressured to buy life insurance for his wife (Fred isn't married). Fred "beeps" the nose of 128 lions. Suitable as a high school text (first six chapters) or as a college text (all 16 chapters). •Sentences in logic •Connectives •Inductive reasoning •Seventeen logic fallacies •Predicate logic •Syllogisms •Quantifiers •Proofs in predicate logic •Direct and indirect proofs •Set theory as a predicate logic structure •Axiom systems: consistent, complete, meaningful, independent, and recursive •Arithmetic model •Gödel numbering of symbols, sentences, and proofs •Proof of the Diagonal Lemma •Gödel’s Completeness theorem •Gödel’s two Incompleteness theorems and their proofs •Many puzzles and their complete solutions 176 Pages. Hardcover. Learn More
  4. Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read 1st Grade Levels 5 & 6 Complete

    Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read 1st Grade Levels 5 & 6 Complete

    SKU: 5294


    Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read Levels 5 & 6 Complete includes both 1st Grade levels (There are 8 levels in the  Learn to Read series)

    Designed to help your child learn the building blocks of reading, Learn to Read Levels 5&6 Complete covers:

    - Levels 3&4 Review

    - Beginning Consonant Blends Like “ch-,” “sh-,” “th-,” and “qu-”

    - Ending Consonant Blends Like “-ch,” “-th,” and “-es”

    - Suffixes “-ing,” “-er,” “-ly,” and “-ed”

    - Two-Syllable Words

    - 36 New Sight Words

    Designed in conjunction with leading educators, award-winning authors, teachers and parents, Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read uses a proven, simple, and fun method to give your child a strong foundation in phonics and reading skills.

    - Learn: Your child learns to read new words by watching the videos and reading the workbook.

    - Practice: Your child practices reading the new sound combinations and words in the workbook.

    - Read: Your child puts it all together to read a great story.

    - Celebrate: Celebrate success after each lesson and track your child’s progress!

    Kindergarten (Ages 4-6 Learn More
  5. Life of Fred: Zillions of Practice Problems: Advanced Algebra

    Life of Fred: Zillions of Practice Problems: Advanced Algebra

    SKU: 0180


    Need a lot of practice or stuck on a particular kind of problem? This book has been requested by many readers. It is keyed directly to the chapters and topics of Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra. Each problem is worked out in complete detail. •Ten exponential equations worked out step by step. •Over 40 problems dealing with functions. •Sixteen imaginary number problems solved in detail. •Eleven linear programming problems—each taking about a page to solve. •A bonus six-page introduction to Turing Machines. Author: Schmidt, Stanley Learn More
  6. Life of Fred: Financial Choices

    Life of Fred: Financial Choices

    SKU: 8692


    If you want wear clothes or eat or live indoors, this book may help you accomplish those goals. •Three reasons to use a credit card •The ultimate use of money •The five places to invest •How to retire in 24 years (Nothing financial is 100% certain—but this comes close.) •Five suggestions for choosing a good spouse •Insurance—what to buy and what not to buy •Taxes—the seven categories •Personal habits that will help make you successful •Real estate—what to buy and when to buy •Stocks, bonds, mortgages, REITS, certificates of deposit, mutual funds •How Kingie made his fortune. 176 pages. Hardcover. Learn More
  7. Life of Fred: Chemistry

    Life of Fred: Chemistry

    SKU: 4811


    Life of Fred Chemistry - The Human Face of Chemistry. In a single lecture hour Fred... •Finds the weight of a helium atom using ordinary high school chem lab equipment •Determines the value of absolute zero (–273o C) using ordinary high school chem lab equipment •Creates the periodic table of the elements step-by-step •Explains why both Mn 2+ and Mn 3+ exist •Supervises student lab experiments •Completes a whole year of high school chem This book covers one year of high-school chemistry. Author: Stanley Schmidt. 240 Pages. Hardcover Learn More
  8. Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 0 With Physics

    Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 0 With Physics

    SKU: 2206


    Numerals, Making models, Nineteen conversion factor problems, Area of a rectangle, Friction independent of speed, Constants of Proportionality, Exact speed of light, Continuous and discrete variables, Story of the meter, Pendulums, Oblate spheroids, Krypton vs. kryptonite, Square roots, Pilgrims in Massachusetts in 1620, Hard c and soft c, Normal forces, Coefficient of friction, Solving d = rt for r, How ducks pronounce mu, Graphing points, Ordered pairs, Why rocks stop falling, Hunch-conjecture-theory-law, Simultaneity doesn’t exist, Inductive and deductive reasoning, How fossils and astronomy are connected, Hooke’s law, Four ways to stretch a spring, Three meanings of plastic, Static vs. kinetic friction, Nine forms of energy, Energy Cards game, Calamari spaghetti, Poetry of Christina Rossetti, Most filmed spot in the world, Getting grass stains out of pants, Experimentally finding the coefficient of static friction without knowing the weight of the object, How you know you have a liver, Resolving a vector into its components, Addition of vectors, Similar triangles, Slope, Physicists think that there isn’t any work in holding a bowling ball, Kelvin temperature, Law of conservation of energy, Perpetual motion machines, Kilowatt-hours, Photosynthesis, Metric system, Gregorian calendar, Two ways to measure mass, Definition of pi, Inertia, Newton’s first and second laws, Why cramming doesn’t work well, Definition of pressure, Exponents, Density of neutron stars, Computing the mass of an iron atom, Cavalieri’s principle, Pressure at a given depth, Special glass in auto windshields, uoyancy, Finding the volume of a desk lamp, 80-pound rubber ducky, Official rules of golf, Advantages of cerebrospinal fluid, Air has mass, Why 35-foot straws don’t work, You are alive because ice floats, Gedankenexperiments, How water fountains work, Elliptical constructions, Galvani and dead frogs that twitch, Birds sitting on high-voltage power lines, How to buy a cafe, Placing question marks at the end of a quotation, Schematic drawings in electrical circuits, Electrons per second in an ampere, Why we wear clothes on days ending in y, Ohm’s law, Batteries in series, Computing resistance in parallel circuits, Dangers of electricity—Thomas Merton, Museums in New York City, History of the atom: Democritus, Isaac Newton, Henri Becquerel, J. J. Thomson, Ernest Rutherford, Niels Bohr, Principal quantum number, Arnold Sommerfeld, Louis de Broglie, C. J. Divisson and L. H. Germer, Orbital quantum number, Orbital magnetic quantum number, Spin magnetic quantum number, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Carl David Anderson, Positron. Hardbound. 288 pages. Whew! Learn More
  9. Life of Fred: Zillions of Practice Problems Beginning Algebra

    Life of Fred: Zillions of Practice Problems Beginning Algebra

    SKU: 6364


    Need a lot of practice or stuck on a particular kind of problem? This book has been requested by many readers. Keyed directly to the chapters and topics of Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra. Each problem worked out in complete detail. Eleven mixture word problems are each worked out step by step, often using a whole page of explanation for each problem. Thirteen quadratic equations solved by completing the square. Thirteen examples of two equations with two unknowns solved by the elimination method. This book is mandatory for those who need it. The Zillions of Practice Problems Slogan: If your cat can work through all the problems in this book, your cat can teach Beginning Algebra at any school in the nation. Learn More
  10. Life of Fred: Ice Cream

    Life of Fred: Ice Cream

    SKU: 6363


    The ninth book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series One Use of Poetry, The Big Question in Arithmetic, Stationery vs. Stationary, Multiplying Two-digit Numbers, a Pound of Hamburger Weighs More Than a Pound of Gold, the Last Ten Multiplication Facts, How to Remember 7×8 = 56, Sigma Notation, Bibelots, Subtracting 12 oz. from 15 lbs., Forestland in the United States, Hyperbole, Bar Graphs, Ordered Pairs, Business Letters vs. Personal Letters, Capitalization in Closing Salutations, Elapsed Time, First and Second Coordinates, Using Honey Cards, Why Algebra Does Not Use the Times Sign (×), How to Polish Leather Shoes, Maps as Seen by Artists, War Historians, Mathematicians, Lovers of Cheese, and Literature Historians, a Poetical Meaning for “the Land of Milk and Honey,” Endoplasmic Reticulum, Finding Cyprus on a Map, the Cardinality of the Set of All Ice Cream Flavors that Begin with the Letter Alpha, Implicit vs. Explicit, the Two Major Countries on the Iberian Peninsula, Why You Can’t Find an Ibex in Kansas, Minutes and Hours in the Metric System, How to Have Ice in the Summer in Kansas in 1843, Improper Use of Seat Belts, Plotting Points on a Graph, Why You Shouldn’t Park on the Sidewalk, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni’s Painting, Perimeter, the One Reason for Mathematics, When Eating Ice Cream Can Be Torture, Irony, Hooke’s Law, Slope of a Line, Estimating Using Graphs, Changing the Scale on a Graph, Counting Back Change, Liberty vs. Freedom, the Commutativity of Set Union, Less Than (<) and Greater Than (>), Homogenized Milk, Why Use Soap, Cryogenics, What You Can Do If You Have Tons of Casual Cash (the answer: buy graph paper), Joe’s Stomach Has Only Finite Capacity, Why Brass Braces Are Better Than Regular Braces, Area of a Rectangle. Learn More
  11. Life of Fred: Jelly Beans

    Life of Fred: Jelly Beans

    SKU: 1541


    The tenth book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series Little Babies Can’t Fritter Away Their Time, Finding One-third of a Number, Using Fisher’s Exact test, When the Possessive Case Is Indicated with Just an Apostrophe and No s, Prime Numbers, Fibonacci Numbers, Nouns, Fred’s Seven-word Speech, the Use of Segues, Can Dolls Grow Up?, Casting Out Nines, Seven to the One-thousandth Power in Three Steps, What Cows Don’t Think About, a Great Way to Rot Your Teeth, Intersection of Sets, Commutativity of Intersection, the Probability that Fred Will See Betelgeuse Become a Super Nova (the answer: one chance in ten thousand), Why Education Is So Important, Fever vs. Femur, Carburetors, Litotes, One Way to Avoid Evil, Decimal Points, Adding Decimals, Logs, Volume of a Box, Outline of the Plot of the First Three Acts of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, English Major vs. Math Major, Résumés, the Pinocchio Paradox, What Is a Tinker, Median Averages, Mean Averages, the Fad that Began March 3, 1939, Fifty Basic Survival Skills, Exponents, Set Subtraction, Reducing Fractions, Milli- and Kilo-, Monophagous and Monostich, Epigraphs, Tally Marks, Pie Charts, Five Things Your Income Depends On, the Biggest Happiness Killer, Mode Average, Subtracting Three Inches from Three Miles, Incisors, How to Prove You Are Not a Duck. Learn More
  12. Life of Fred Elementary Series: Farming

    Life of Fred Elementary Series: Farming

    SKU: 1260


    The sixth book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series. Why Many Dolls Have a Vacant Stare, Adding to 14, Litotes, Googol, Three Things in Order to be Great, Oxymorons, Percents, Adding to 16, Rows of a Matrix, Median Average, Collective Nouns, Union of Sets, All of Mathematics Generated by the Empty Set, Proof that the Set of Everything (the Universal Set) Cannot Exist, Cardinality of a Set, Cock-a-doodle-doo in Four Languages, Collinear Points, Numbers vs. Numerals, Borrowing One in Subtraction, Circumference of the World, What Iniquitous Means, the Second Sound Recording Ever Made, the Proof that Every Number is Interesting, Definition of Function, Domain, and Codomain, Flour Fights Are Fun, Rhetorical Questions, the Game of Questions, Caesura, Radius and Ulna, Humerus vs. Humorous, Dollars in Different Denominations, hardback, 128 pages. Learn More
  13. Life of Fred Elementary Series: Honey

    Life of Fred Elementary Series: Honey

    SKU: 2409


    The eighth book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series Tulip Mania, Drawing Things to Scale, Digits in a Number, Similes, Being Pardoned Before Being Tried in 1974, What Is Rarely on a Doll’s Christmas List, the Whole Point of Math, Don’t Wave Your Money Around, the Advanced Form of the Game of Which of These Is Not Like the Others, Keeping Your Word, Picking Your Friends and Your Spouse, Polygons, Sequences, a Crocodile Smile, What to Remember If You Smoke, Comparative Forms of Adjectives, Superlative Forms of Adjectives, a Waning Moon, People’s Life Goals Are Different than Fish’s Life Goals, Definition of an Acre, What Gets Venerated, Meters vs. Yards, Four Countries That Are Nations of Immigrants, Kilograms vs. Pounds, How to Deal with a Duck Who Never Tells the Truth, Lacrimal Glands, Area of a Rectangle, Living in a City vs. Living in the Country, Volume of a Fish Tank, Cubic Feet into Gallons, Gallons of Water into Pounds, Multiplying by Ten, Hundred, and Thousand, One Ton = 2000 lbs., Anthropomorphizing Fish, Plastic Aquarium Plants Don’t Die, Decimal Point, Estimating Sums, Drawbacks to 180-gallon Fish Tanks, Physical Work vs. Mental Work, Tragedy of the Commons, a Fish in a Tank vs. Coalback in Jail, Talking to Your Goldfish, Kingie’s Favorite Composers, Practicing the Metric System with Dental Floss, Purchasing Foreign Products, Bar Graphs, Protein and Calcium for Growth, hardback, 128 pages. Learn More
  14. Life of Fred Elementary Series: Edgewood

    Life of Fred Elementary Series: Edgewood

    SKU: 0066


    The fifth book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series Dangling participles, Concurrent Lines, Christina Rossetti’s “A Chill,” Dealing with Troubles, Parallel Lines, Trapezoids, Right Angles, Facing Things You Don’t Want to Do, Functions, Rhombuses, Constant Functions, Tripoli, Eritrea, Median Average, Writing Larger Numbers with Commas, Using Logarithms to Solve 2x = 5, Birdie Rule for Logarithms, Finding Approximate values for log 5 on a Calculator, Bar Graphs, Math Poems, >, Couplets in Poetry, Strait does not mean Straight, Judging People by their Size, If Fred Were an Author, Numbers that Add to 8, 10, and 12, Population of the Earth, State Income Tax Rates as Percents, Definition of Polka Dots, Parallelograms, Rows and Columns of a Matrix, the Four Kinds of Sentences: Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamation, Pronouns, Quarter of an Hour, Importance of Seat Belts, Small, Medium, and Large Mistakes, Busted vs. Broken, Half Dozen, Gibbous Moons, Dusk, Two Kinds of Knowledge Errors, Firearm Safety, Symptoms of Hypothermia, Voluntary and Involuntary Actions of the Body, Lorentz Contraction, International Date Line, Treatment of Hypothermia, the Addition Game Using Playing Cards, Alright Is Not a Word, Playing Guess-A-Function, Six Examples of Functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Tangent, and Derivative, One Way to Feel Lonely, What It Means to Matriculate, hardback, 128 pages. Learn More
  15. Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra Expanded Edition

    Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra Expanded Edition

    SKU: 5895


    Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra. Every aspect of advanced algebra pops in our hero's everyday life. *Cuisine! What pie you shouldn't order....unless you're rich *Travel! Parts of Kansas you've never been to *Fashion! Hairless anteriors and gold chains *Music! Contains the piano music-newest hit from Rockin' Rita All Fun! Just open and enjoy. Ratio, Proportion & Variation, Radical Equations, a 12-page History of Mathematics, Irrational and Imaginary Numbers, Logarithms (3 definitions), Exponential Equations, Four Standard Equations of the Line, Review of Beginning Algebra (exponents, rationalizing the denominator, significant digits, graphing by point-plotting, factoring, complex fractions, linear, fractional, quadratic, and radical equations) Systems of Equations (3 methods of solution), Conics, Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables, Functions, Linear Programming, Partial Fractions, Math Induction, Sequences, Series, Matrices, Permutations & Combinations. The Expanded Edition of Advanced Algebra contains the contents of the original version plus the discontinued Companion Guide. It also has all of the answers worked out in full. Laid out in 108 daily lessons, this hard cover text covers everything you need for 2nd year highschool Algebra. If you are jumping into Life of Fred Advanced Algebra from any other math curriculum, it is highly recommended that you consider going through the Life of Fred Beginning Algebra first. The Beginning Algebra book will provide the foundation needed to be successful with Life of Fred Advanced Algebra. The author recommends taking Advanced Algebra before Geometry (item# 0768). Hardbound. Learn More
  16. Life of Fred Intermediate Series: Liver

    Life of Fred Intermediate Series: Liver

    SKU: 6032


    The second book in the Life of Fred Intermediate Series. What to Pack for Camp, 1/4 + 1/4 +1/4 = 3/4, Why Blowing Your Nose and Wiping Your Eyes Is Not Commutative, I.e., E.g., Viz., Elapsed Time, the Two Rules of Survival, Passing the Sat Exam, Metaphors, the Three Angles of a Triangle Always Add to 180º, What Can Go Wrong with a Lifetime Guarantee, How To Be a Business Success, the Pythagorean Theorem, Finding Two-fifths of $400,000, Ordering Tjvjik, Ghapama and Satsivi at a Restaurant, Being a Hepatologist, Solving 2x - 7 = 11, What Livers Do, the Difference Between Saturnalia and Saturnine, Hypercholesterolemia, Pie Charts, Cirrhosis, the Drawbacks of Multitasking, Extradural Hemorrhage, Six-sevenths of 413, Four Drawbacks to Fred Living in a Castle in Germany, Verbs Often Used by People in Various Occupations, Treble and Bass Clefs, Electrical Use by U.S. Farms in 1925, How to Win at Bridge, Short Division, Quotients, Secant Lines, How to Have People like You, Changing Percents to Fractions—68 Completely Worked out Examples, Computing 2% of 550, Who Is Not Harmed by Watching Television All Day Long, the Difference Between Graffito and Graffiti, Pet Names Are Different than Names for Pets, How Not to Work Out in a Gym Weight Room, Functions, Domains, and Codomains, Brain Chatter and the Uses of Silence, Reducing Fractions, the First Step in Producing Great Art, What Three Units of a College Class Means, Reasonable Answers, the One Purpose of Great Universities, the Masthead of a Newspaper, Forming the Possessive of Words That End in S, Four Things That Are Important to Learn Earlier in Life, Finding an Average. hardback, 128 pages. Learn More
  17. Life of Fred Elementary Series: Dogs

    Life of Fred Elementary Series: Dogs

    SKU: 0570


    Life of Fred: Dogs. The fourth book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series. Contents Include: One Million, our Place in the Dance of Life, the Game of Doubles, Fortnight, Digits in a Number, Two Dimes = 20 Cents, new Words in English, Anachronism, Middle English, Old English, Doubling 1>2>4>up to 1,267,,650,600,228,229,201,496,703,205,376 (which is 100 doubles), 7-z=4, Making Choices in Life, Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, Morse Code From A-Z, Functions, the Function Party Game, One Billion, Finding Patterns, What Can Cause Unclear Thinking, Rhyme Schemes, Tennyson's in Memoriam, Eyes Adjusting to Bright Light, Consecutive Even Numbers, ATM Cards, Numbers that Add to 15, Guessing Functions, Right Angles, Rectangles, Constant Functions, Buying Books, One Day Without Reading, Sheet Music for "Borrowed Books", Beautiful Handwriting, Numbers that Add to 17, Macronutrients, the Eight Planets, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Different ways to Pick Out a Book to Read, Bar Graphs, Different Jobs You Might Choose, Adopting A Dog, Idioms, Spendthrifts, Adding two-and-three-digit numbers, Art in Advertising, Carrying the One in Addition, Female and male, Apartment Leases, Isoptopes of Hydrogen, the Chemical Elements, Dog Games, Hardcover. 128 pages.

    Learn More
  18. Life of Fred Elementary Series: Cats

    Life of Fred Elementary Series: Cats

    SKU: 0568


    The third book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series Ursa Major (Big Bear), Commutative, Asterism, Vowels, Cardinality of a Set, Loud Talkers, Hiring Freeze, One Quarter, Numerals vs. Numbers, Counting by Threes, Hoodwinked, Finding Patterns, Sheet Music for “Happy”, Four Basic Emotions, Right Angles, Quarter and Half Notes, Obligate Carnivores, Adjectives and Verbs, Carbohydrates, a Quarter to Three, the Mariana Trench, 5280 Feet in a Mile, Ferdinand Magellan’s Trip, What Pacific Means, Bacteria, Rabies in 300 B.C., Treating Cat Scratches, Capital Letters Start Sentences, Five Vowel Words: Mat, Met, Mit, Mot, Mut, Twenty-Two English Words That Don’t Contain a Vowel: By, Cry, . . . , Tryst, and Why, Numbers Expressed as Hundreds, Tens and Ones, Sexagesimal and Decimal Systems, Numbers that Add to 13, Morse Code, Four Major Oceans of the World, Centuries, Centenarians, and Centurions, Homonyms, Square Feet, Prepositional Phrases, 71 English Prepositions, Volume, One Meter, the Three Countries of the World that Don’t Primarily Use the Metric System. What Mathematicians Do, Prime Numbers, Less Than (<), hardback, 128 pages. Learn More
  19. Life of Fred Elementary Series: Butterflies

    Life of Fred Elementary Series: Butterflies

    SKU: 0567


    The second book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series One Yard = 3 Feet, Numbers that Add to 9, Counting by twos, Reading 5:10 on a Clock, Facts about Butterflies, Chrysalis vs. Cocoon, Braces, Parentheses and Brackets, Christina Rossetti, Sheet Music for “But Not Alone,” Domenico Fetti’s Archimedes Thoughtful, Exclamation Points, Bad Things about Sugar, One Good Thing about Sugar, Marvin Stone’s Invention of the Paper Straw 1888, Orion’s Belt, Betelgeuse, Why Not Every Three Stars Can Make a Triangle, Collinear, Reading 5:55 on a Clock, Book Signings, Why You Can Not Walk In a Room, Deliberate vs. Inadvertent, How to Say Toenail in German, Ordinal Numbers, Yurts, Half Past Six, a Nubula is Not a Star, Light Years, the Alphabet Game, a Dozen, Perpendicular, p.m. (post meridiem), Syncope, Sheet Music for “The Crash of the Bell Tower,” Quotation Marks inside of Quotation Marks, A Baker’s Dozen, Spine of a Book, Naissance, Lie vs. Lay, Whole Numbers, Cardinal Numbers, Trillion, Quadrillion and Quintillion, Aleph-null, Kingie’s Brothers, States that Begin with the Letter M, ∞, Saying Thank You, Virgil’s Aeneid, History of Pizza, How to Set a Table, hardback, 128 pages. Learn More
  20. Life of Fred Elementary Series: Apples

    Life of Fred Elementary Series: Apples

    SKU: 0548


    The first book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series Numbers that Add to 7, Circles, Ellipses, Reading 6:00 on a Clock, 5 + ? = 7, Days of the Week, Leap Years, Spelling February, Dressing for Cold Weather, 15 Degrees Below Zero (–15º), Deciduous Trees, Deciduous Teeth, Counting by Fives, 3x + 4x = 7x, Archimedes 287 B.C. Wrote The Sand Reckoner and Got Killed Being Rude, ante meridiem (a.m.), Donner and Blitz in German, One Million, Euclid Wrote The Elements, Squares, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Whales Are Not Fish, The “There Are Zero . . .” Game, Sets, the Popularity of Zero, Why Boats Are Cheaper to Rent in the Winter, Triangles, Herbivores and Carnavores, the Colors of the Rainbow, a King in Checkmate, the Story of the Titanic, ≠ (not equal), x + 4 = 7, One Thousand, Counting by Hundreds, Reading 3:05 on a Clock, Rectangles, hardback, 128 pages. Learn More
  21. Life of Fred Intermediate Series: Kidneys

    Life of Fred Intermediate Series: Kidneys

    SKU: 4761


    The first book in the Life of Fred Intermediate Series. Three Keys to Success, Charles Demuth’s “I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold,” Milliliters, Teachers’ Salaries, How to Carry Money on the Street, Writing Numerals in Checks ($4000 and Not $40.00), Idioms, Semibreves, Libraries State that Mccoy Comes Before Macdonald, Word Problems in Arithmetic, 100%, the Result of Years of Piano Practice, the Great Depression, Na + Cl → NaCl, Grams Vs. Ounces, Functions, Images of Elements of the Domain, Volumes, 115 Ounces = 7 Pounds and 3 Ounces, the Biggest Error in Thinking, What to Do in Life When You Hit a Wall, Perimeters, Definition of an Acre, How to Make a Million Dollars in Four Years, the Calculus Definition of Limit, the Economics of Free Things, Scores, Dozens, and Braces, Polar Form of Complex Numbers, Exponents, the Five Different Solutions to X5 = 32, Salaries of University Presidents, a Quarter after Two, Toiletries for Kids and Older People, Physical Exams, Ketones and Glucose, the Best Use of Leisure Time, Why We Have Two Kidneys, the Chief Use of Kidneys Is Not to Make Urine, Point-Segment-Square-Cube-Tesseract, Twelve Kinds of Set Theory, the Best Time in History to Become a Mathematician, Adumbration in Literature, Arithmetic Sequences and Series, the Difference Between the United Kingdom and Great Britain, the Four Different Reasons We Speak, Preview of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Sigma Notation, Descartes’ Analytic Geometry, Why it Is Called a Solstice. hardback, 128 pages. Learn More
  22. Life of Fred: Linear Algebra (Expanded Edition)

    Life of Fred: Linear Algebra (Expanded Edition)

    SKU: 4738


    Fred goes on a picnic with his two best friends. A college-level (post-calculus) course in Linear Algebra which includes all the standard topics . . . •Systems of Equations with lots of ways to solve them •All Kinds of Spaces—Vector, Inner Product, and Dual Spaces •Linear Transformations including linear functionals All fun! Just open and enjoy. Solving systems of equations with one, many, and no solutions. Gauss-Jordan elimination. Gaussian elimination. Matrices. LU-decomposition. Vector spaces. Inner product spaces. Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process. Fourier series. Data fitting. Linear Transformations. Linear functionals. Dual spaces. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Markov chains. Hardback, Answers Included. 368 pages. Learn More
  23. Life of Fred: Statistics (Expanded Edition)

    Life of Fred: Statistics (Expanded Edition)

    SKU: 3551


    Lots of statistics and one morning in the life of six-year-old Fred. •All the popular tests! Normal Distribution, Chi-Squared, etc. •Advanced tests! •Regression equations! •Emergency Statistics Guide! •Field Guide! Descriptive Statistics (averages, measures of dispersion, types of distributions), Probability, Bayes' Theorem, From a Given a Population Determine What Samples Will Look Like (7 tests), Techniques of Sampling, From a Given Sample Determine What the Population Was (14 tests), Determine Whether Two Given Samples Came From the Same Population (15 tests), Working With Three or More Samples (10 tests), Emergency Statistics Guide, Regression Equations, Field Guide, 16 Tables. This expanded edition includes all answers! 576 pages. . Learn More
  24. Life of Fred: Calculus (Expanded Edition)

    Life of Fred: Calculus (Expanded Edition)

    SKU: 2948


    The Human Face of Calculus Sixteen college semester units including: •Multi-variable Calculus •Analytic Geometry •Vector Calculus •Differential Equations All fun! Just open & enjoy. Functions, Limits, Speed, Slope, Derivatives, Concavity, Trig, Related Rates, Curvature, Integrals, Area, Work, Centroids, Logs, Conics, Infinite Series, Solids of Revolution, Polar Coordinates, Hyperbolic Trig, Vectors, Partial Derivatives, Double Integrals, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations. This expanded edition includes all answers! 592 pages. Hardbound. Learn More
  25. Life of Fred: Trigonometry Expanded Version

    Life of Fred: Trigonometry Expanded Version

    SKU: 1942


    Life of Fred: Trigonometry Expanded Version. A day and a half in our hero's everyday life. *Cuisine! See what dinner in a limo is really like. *Entrepreneurship! learn how to create a best-selling board game. *Sports! Witness the boxing match of the century. *Fashion! Create a T-shirt to keep you out of the hospital. *Trig! All of it. You'll be ready for calculus. All fun! Just open and enjoy. Sines, Cosines and Tangents, Graphing, Significant Digits, Trig Functions of Any Angle, Trig Identities, Graphing a sin(bx+c), Radian Measurement, Conditional Trig Equations, Functions of Two-Angles, Oblique Triangles, Inverse Trig Functions, Polar Coordinates, Polar Form of Complex Numbers, Preview of all of Calculus.

    Expanded version contains the contents of the original version plus the discontinued Companion Guide. It also has all of the answers worked out in full. Learn More

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