We opened A Brighter Child in October of 2000 and have been blessed with the support of the homeschooling community to be able to keep our doors open now for 24 years.  We value and respect all types of homeschoolers and homeschooling methods and we carry a diverse mix of homeschooling materials whether it be classical, traditional, Christian, or eclectic. 

        We began our journey with deep homeschooling roots and have now branched out to offer our products and services to all areas of the educational community, including parents and teachers, in addition to home educators.

     We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff equipped to help you with all of your homeschooling and educational needs, as well as provide our customers with an outstanding inventory of quality educational materials catering to the home educator. We have grown to over 15,000 titles in stock! We have also added an excellent selection of onsite classes for Grades K-12 and are pleased to network with some of the finest teachers in the Sacramento area providing a wide variety of educational choices to aid the home educator.